Why Tabita so unique & different?

Tabita skin beauty care products is from Indonesia and is suitable for both men and women, including teenagers as well.

Tabita product is specially formulated using natural materials such as collagen, pearl powder, Japanese tea, Japanese papaya, vitamin C and vitamin E - primarily from papaya extracts as its main ingredient. Papaya extract is used to stabilize the condition of the skin.

Dry skin at first, will be normal, and for oily skin, it will stabilize and normalize. Effectiveness of the papaya extract is to overcome skin pigmentation. Tabita product is suitable for all skin types and all skin problems.

Apart from papaya extracts, Tabita skin care also contains vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A can help dry up pimples, thus preventing acne to reappear again. Vitamin C helps to brighten and refresh the skin, so your skin will look more fresh and natural glow to enhance your natural beauty.

Tabita Skin Care provides solutions to:

reduce facial blemishes & spots
firm up skin
shrink pores
makes the skin look radiant
rejuvenates the skin
the facial scar
skin whitening
treat scars

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