Agent Requirements:

  1. Full details and information agent
  2. Must be a member (registration only annual RM50.00)
  3. Must USE Tabita Skincare beauty product from us.
  4. Special for our customers

Advantages to be our agent:

  1. You do not need capital to do business.
  2. You will get a commission for every transaction you do
  3. Soft copy of the sales kit (specifically prepared for OUR agent ONLY)
  4. You will also get other product sales rights from us.

Reseller Requirements:

  1.  Full details and vendor information
  2.  MUST buy 5 sets or above in a single transaction (can choose which set of your choice)
  3.  All businesses are in CASH term only (NO credit period allowed)
  4.  Only serious reseller will be entertained

Advantages of becoming our reseller:

  1. You can buy with RESELLER PRICE
  2. Detail and information update
  3. Soft copy of the sales kit (specifically prepared for OUR reseller ONLY)
  4. You can conduct transactions anywhere even near us

For further information please contact us NOW!

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